James Gowan

Graphic Designer Mineola TX

A designer and illustrator with more than two decades of artistic experience. “Much of the world operates on a visual sense, and I’ve always felt an affinity with design concepts, with creating the right artwork to captivate the targeted audience,” James said.  “It’s both a challenge and passion to succeed in each new project.”

After getting his start in illustration and design during a decade in New York City, James returned to the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex in 1997 and accepted a position with Empire Media, a graphics house start-up.
James served as Empire Media’s art director, designer, and illustrator. His proficiency in many graphics-oriented software applications provided a broad skill-set to ensure customer requirements were met and exceeded. Initially, he also performed production liaison duties with the companies that generated posters, direct-mail cards, print ads, brochures, or other products that showcased his designs (logo, corporate identity marketing, billboard, T-shirt, etc.).
Empire Media eventually acquired much of its own production equipment, and James mastered, maintained, and operated the machinery -- handling projects from conceptualization and design approval through delivery to the client.
James left Empire Media in 2005 to pursue freelance opportunities that would allow greater flexibility in assignments. For years, James coordinated design and updates for more than 300 mall directory maps worldwide for his primary client, New Zealand-based EYE Corp. 
James has supported a variety of projects from compact disc packaging, book jackets, technical illustration, photo restoration, and website design (including photography needs).
Since early years of study at East Texas State University, through hard-bitten days jump-starting a design career in New York, and the multi-role versatility of Empire Media’s gamut of graphics endeavors, James has honed the skills and acquired the expertise to satisfy a client’s need with exceptional effect. As a freelance artist, James is eager to call on an array of professional experiences to accomplish any assignment.